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Deacons have a threefold ministry that includes service of the word, service of the liturgy, and service of charity, justice and pastoral outreach. The ministry of the liturgy includes such things as assisting at Mass, presiding at the Liturgy of the Word both with and without Communion, presiding at baptisms and marriages, presiding at funeral services, and presiding at Benediction and other devotional services. The ministry of charity, justice and pastoral outreach includes such things as reaching out to those who are poor or in need, being present to those who are on the margins of society, serving those who are lonely or hurting in any way, advocating for the dignity of all people.

deacon doug1

Deacon Doug Smith

deacon john

Deacon John Thaeler

We all have titles so here are mine: baby boy, son, brother and cousin. Child, dirty, washed, centerfield, student and altar server. Teenager, runner, average student, grocery store clerk, construction worker and lector. College student, HUSBAND, graduate, Air Force Officer and DAD. Retired, tree salesman, High School teacher, PAPPA and DEACON. I have four titles I cherish the most, but you already know them. 

I was born in Nicaragua where my parents were medical missionaries for 30 years. I am a convert to Catholicism having grown up Moravian and at various times have been active as an Episcopalian (Marcy's childhood faith), Presbyterian, Methodist and in a community based protestant church.Marcy and I have been happily married since 1968 and have two sons and four grandchildren.In my other lives I teach math at Weber State 3/4 time and am a chaplain for Hospice Encompass one day a week. On Sunday mornings I take communion to patients at Ogden Regional Medical Center. I enjoy preaching and baptizing children. I hope with funerals that I can bring some comfort to families in trying times. Helping Marcy with RCIA is a rich experience as we journey with those wishing to become Catholic or more fully Catholic. Marcy and I like to travel abroad and have recently lead pilgrimages to Marian sites in Spain, Portugal and France and earlier pilgrimages to Rome and Israel.