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Holy Family Catholic Church

Weekly Bulletin April 22, 2018 Fourth Sunday of Easter

Weekly Collections April 14th & April 15th
Sunday Regular Collection $8,797
Online Giving $750
Other (Candle, Coffee, Ad’s) $289
Weekly Goal $8,500

Welcome, Father Hope: Next weekend we are happy to welcome Father Don Hope, retired pastor of Notre Dame Parish (Price), who will be celebrating the weekend Mass and hearing confessions. Father Hope served at St. James Parish in north Ogden for several years before going to Carbon County where he was pastor until his retirement. Please make him feel welcome.

Easter Lilly's: If you would like to take any Easter Lilly's home they are located in the Marian chapel.

Mother’s Day Novena: Cards available in the Gathering Space.

Building Debt: Your Parish Finance Committee would like to update you on the Parish Building Debt. It’s hard to believe it has been over a decade since we began the effort to build this beautiful worship space. In that time, we have not only designed and built a beautiful church, which we all share as the center of our spiritual worship, but we have significantly reduced the debt of its building.

However, we still owe over $550,000. And we ask that you to continue to help remove this burden from our Parish. Remember, until the debt is paid off every extra dollar in tithing goes to debt reduction instead of programs.

First, to those of you who have pledged to the current appeal, which started last year, we thank you for your continued support. We will be sending you an update on the status of your pledge in the mail to help you. And, ask you to continue to pay off your pledge as expediently as possible. (SPECIAL NOTE – Some members using on-line giving may still be associated with a previous effort and therefore there will be erroneous results on your statement. Please don’t worry, the funds are still going toward paying off our debt).

Second, to those who are new to the parish or have not pledged, we ask that you please use the envelopes in the pew, like this one, to contribute to the building fund and complete our mutual goal.
Together we can move our parish forward by paying off this debt. Thank You and God Bless

Congratulations: We want to congratulate all the candidates from Holy Family Parish who were confirmed by Bishop Solis last Wednesday in a beautiful ceremony. The following candidates were confirmed: Lauren Buck, Madison Buck, Mackenzie DeHerrea, Julien DeWitte, Oliver DeWitte, Eliana Garrett, Sophie Garrett, Chole Geroux, Diana Guillen, Marcile Jumonville, Alexa LaSusa, Frankie LaSusa, Benjamin Lopez, Riley McCoy, Joshua Ortiz, Kade Rahe, Dillon Reed, Boston Rodriguez, Carina Ybaben, Christian Zavala and Roy Zavala.
Special thanks to Deacon Doug Smith, their teacher, and to the parents for their support. We also want to thank our DRE, Carl Leuschner, for his support and organization, the Parish Choir and the CCW for the wonderful reception following the ceremony.

Father Bill on Vacation: Father Bill will be leaving for a week of vacation time from Tuesday until the following Wednesday. In the event of a sick call, please call one of the neighboring parishes in you need a priest or hospital visit.

Catholic Home Mission Collection: Next weekend there will be a special collection for Catholic Home Mission. The Catholic Home Mission collection supports small rural parishes that are often small and poor and require outside financial assistance to provide Catholic services in remote areas of the United States. Several parishes in our own Diocese of Salt Lake benefit from your support including St. Joseph Parish in Monticello that is located in the poorest county in Utah. Envelopes for this collection are in the pews and can be included with the regular collection next weekend.

K of C Breakfast Next Weekend! In the Social Hall after the 8:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Masses.

First Communion: Will be held Sunday, May 6, 2018, at the 10:30 AM Mass.

HFCCW: THANK YOU  to all the parishioners of Holy Family for making our Spring Bake Sale a huge success!  A special thank you to all the ladies who donated so many wonderful and tasty desserts and breads and to all the volunteers who helped after all the masses. Your donation to CCW helps keep our Ministry active and working for our parish. God Bless you for your generosity!

4/21 5:00pm  Vito Buccheri +/ Angie, Phil & Debbie
4/22 8:00       For The People
4/22 10:30     Fr. Charles Cummins/ Carl & Margaret Leuschner
4/23 8:30       Larry & Bonnie Myers/ Gary Girres
4/24 8:30      Communion Service
4/25 8:30      Communion Service
4/26 8:30      Communion Service
4/27 8:30      Communion Service
4/28 5:00pm Fr. Charles Cummins/ Carl & Margaret Leuschner